Web Design Guruz provides quality Web site design, consultation, and Internet services to small business owners, churhes, schools,hotel,saloons etc.

Here at Web Design Guruz and Marketing we provide our client base with fully responsive online platforms that not just meet their business needs but also to satisfy them. Our Business will focus on providing services to private organizations, churches and small business-to-business companies (B2B), business-to consumer (B2C) companies, nonprofits (NGO’s), and professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.) who are looking to promote their services and products on the Internet, and other subcontractors for specific tasks.

As an Internet-based business, our primary storefront and primary advertising tool is our Web site (www.websiteguruz.com). This site makes us available to our prospective clientele twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We have on-the-job experience in graphic design and web site design. For the last five years, hosting and designing websites and managing websites for schools, .hotels, NGO’s as well as desktop publishing.

This comprehensive background provides the skills necessary to support business operations, technical aspects of a computer-based business, and the design and development of products for our clients.